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Transform your greeting cards, invitations, and postcards into unforgettable experiences with AR Peach Tech's 3D and video AR layers.

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Elevate the art of card-giving with AR Peach Tech. Merge the traditions of greetings, invitations, and postcards with AR technology to create hyper-immersive experiences. Turn your cards into unforgettable 3D and video augmented reality creations that jump off the page.

Seamless Integration

Transform your printed cards into immersive experiences with 3D and video AR layers, all without any added effort on your part.

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Transform your cards into unforgettable, hyper-immersive experiences with AR Peach Tech’s unique approach, and watch your profit margins and revenue soar.

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Use AR Peach Tech’s analytics dashboard to track customer engagement and take your cards to new heights of innovation and creativity.

Meaningful engagement

Elevate your card game with hyper-immersive content that captivates and creates engagagement your recipients like never before.

The future of Printed Cards is AR

These statistics highlight the power of AR in transforming traditional printed cards into interactive and memorable experiences. By incorporating AR technology, brands can captivate recipients, reinforce their brand messaging, and create lasting impressions.


Memorable Branding

Brands utilizing AR in printed cards have witnessed a 40% improvement in brand recall among recipients. (Source: Mobile Marketer)


Extended Information

AR allows printed cards to provide additional information beyond the card’s physical limitations, with 85% of users finding value in accessing supplementary content through AR. (Source: Market Research Future)


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Users of AR-enabled printed cards report a 95% satisfaction rate, citing the immersive and personalized experiences offered. (Source: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies)

Card game changer

Ready to elevate your cards with unforgettable, hyper-immersive experiences? Discover the power of AR Peach Tech and take your card game to the next level today.