Unlock Boundless Creativity with Augmented Reality Marketing

Welcome to the forefront of marketing innovation with Augmented Reality (AR). At AR Peach Tech, we are your trusted partner in creating mesmerizing AR experiences that breathe life into your brand and captivate your audience.

What is Augmented Reality Marketing?

Augmented Reality Marketing is more than just a trend; it's a powerful reality that transforms how businesses engage with their customers. It leverages cutting-edge technology to overlay virtual content onto the real world, creating interactive, personalized experiences that enhance your brand, products, and messages.

Web AR Experiences in Marketing

Immerse your audience in the enchanting realm of Web AR, where augmented reality seamlessly unfolds within their smartphone’s web browser. From interactive product demos to engaging promotional campaigns, AR Peach Tech’s Web AR experiences offer a novel and accessible way to captivate your target audience, enhancing your marketing strategy with interactive and memorable encounters.

AR Camera Filters

Embrace the versatility of Augmented Reality (AR) Camera Filters from AR Peach Tech, designed to amplify your brand’s visibility not only on Instagram but also across various popular camera apps. From Instagram’s playful face masks to interactive scanning experiences, these AR filters enable you to craft, engaging brand encounters. Extend your brand’s reach, and create memorable interactions with AR Camera Filters.

360 Degree Immersive Experiences.

Elevate your marketing strategy with 360-degree immersive experiences. A scan with your phone unleashes interactive, captivating worlds for your customers. From product displays to engaging storytelling, this approach revolutionizes marketing by combining interactivity, education, and gamification for unparalleled brand engagement.

Hyper Immersive Product Visualization

AR Peach Tech empowers businesses with AR-driven product visualization, revolutionizing the way customers experience products. Our innovative technology enables interactive and immersive product exploration, enhancing customer confidence and boosting sales via engagement.

Value Propositions Like Never Before

No App Installation

Skip the hassle of downloading new apps.

Boosted Engagement

Witness a remarkable 80-240% increase in user engagement time.

Crafted in 3D Precision

AR Peach Tech's custom-built 3D experiences are virtually indistinguishable from reality.

More Conversion Rates

Experience conversion rates soaring to 2.5 - 4 times their usual levels.

360-Degree Product Exploration

Allow customers to explore products from every angle.

Enhanced Product Visualization

Product visualization from AR Peach Tech drives a 60-100% increase in purchase intent.

User-Friendly Engagement

Achieve high engagement with just a single click, offering a frictionless experience.

Empowered Customers, Unforgettable Brands

Empower your customers to experience and make your brand truly memorable.

AR Peach Tech's in-house team

Creating impactful Custom AR experiences demands the expertise of skilled professionals in various domains. AR Peach Tech's in-house team includes

UI/UX Designers

Pioneering user-friendly and visually stunning AR interfaces.

3D Designers

Sculpting every 3D element to perfection for an immersive journey.


Building the foundation of AR functionality.

Success Partner

Ensuring flawless execution and optimal performance.

Unleash AR Marketing Magic

Elevate your marketing today with custom augmented reality experiences from AR Peach Tech!