Animating Museums: Bringing Exhibits to Life

Enhance your customers' museum experience by adding 3D and video augmented reality layers to artefacts and objects, taking their visit to a whole new level.

Stimulating Experiences that Click!

Transform your exhibits into hyper-immersive augmented reality experiences with AR Peach Tech, and watch your audience engagement soar through the roof

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Seamless Integration

Effortlessly enhance your museum exhibits with 3D and video augmented reality layers, without any added workload on your end.

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Transform your museum exhibits into unforgettable, hyper-immersive experiences and watch your profit margins and revenue soar.

Make Data-driven decisions

Track customer engagement and gain valuable insights to enhance your museum's audience journey using AR Peach Tech's analytics dashboard.

Meaningful engagement

Deepen your audience's appreciation and understanding of each exhibit in your museum by providing better context on their significance and history.

Mobile museum experience

With AR Peach Tech, you can transform your merchandise into hyper-immersive AR experiences, allowing your audience to experience the museum from anywhere in the world through these products.

Reimagine Museum Visits

Experience the future of museum visits with AR Peach Tech.