What Are AR Peach Photos?

Are you familiar with the Harry Potter movies? If you've seen them, you probably remember those fascinating scenes where photographs in the wizarding world come to life, like the portraits on the walls at Hogwarts and the animated images in the newspapers. It's a magical and enchanting concept, right?

Well, imagine being able to bring that same magic to your own photos. That’s precisely what AR Peach allows you to do. With AR Peach, your ordinary photos can undergo a transformation reminiscent of Harry Potter’s world. You can add videos and other magical 3D elements, turning your normal photos into living, breathing, and visually stunning experiences. These mesmerising magical photo experiences are called AR Peach Photos.

Just picture it: Your family photos, vacation snapshots, wedding photos, or any pictures you treasure coming to life as unforgettable stories. It’s a unique way to give your photos a touch of enchantment, making them stand out like never before. AR Peach Photos offer an opportunity to create photo memories that truly come to life, providing a storytelling experience unlike anything else.

Normal Photos + Videos + 3D Elements = Magical experiences that are AR Peach Photos

AR Peach Photos is the next big thing in photography!

Wedding Photography: Relive Your Big Day

With AR Peach Photos, your wedding photos turn into live memories. Experience your vows, first dance, and laughter in videos and 3D. Share the joy with loved ones. Your wedding album becomes a time machine.

Family Photography: Capture Moments Together​

AR Peach Photos adds life to family photos. Include videos and 3D for more vibrant portraits. Relive birthdays and reunions like never before. Share these moments with family and friends.

Baby Photography: Cherish Baby's Firsts​

Celebrate baby’s milestones with AR Peach Photos. Watch first steps and hear first words in your photos. Create an interactive baby book. Share the joy with loved ones near and far.

Graduation Photography: Remember Your Success

Relive graduation with AR Peach Photos. See your name called and feel the pride in videos and 3D photos. Share your success with friends and family. Keep your educational journey alive.

Yearbook Photography: Timeless School Memories

AR Peach Photos brings your yearbook to life. Explore school events and memories interactively. Connect with fellow alumni and revive school days. Preserve your school spirit for generations.

Pet Photography: Remember Your Fun time with Pets

Relive your pet photo memories in a whole new magical way with AR Peach Photos. 

How does AR Peach photos work?

You can enjoy AR Peach photos with just three simple steps on your mobile phone.

Open Scanner or Camera app in your mobile

Scan the QR code provided with your AR Peach photos. This will take you to the Open AR camera in your mobile browser

You will see a camera view on your screen. Point the camera over your photos and enjoy your AR Peach photos